100% Handmade Furniture

Furniture made with passion.

Whether you want to revamp your old furniture or to give it a new look, Sofa Country can provide a professional re-upholstery service to all kinds. Why give up your comfortable sofa, when we can simply change the the style and look of it?
Quality furniture deserves a second chance. Our goal is to bring life back to your sofa.

Our ReUpholstery Services

Give your Furniture a new look.

We have a variety of upholstery service experts for your couch, chair or sofa which can be made from your choice in fabric, leather and many more.


Your home should feel like your castle. However, these days it seems like castles are only seen in storybooks and on big-budget reality TV shows. It doesn’t need to be that way. We want to bring that luxury back into your home